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S+Amp v1.0
S+Amp Music player with Visualizer playing in backgound. Full navigation music function and special with you can seek music. If music be playing and stop with calling-in, when call finished, the music will back to play again.

website (external link)

last update: 15.12.2006

Symella v1.40
Symella is a Gnutella client for Symbian smartphones. Gnutella is a popular Peer-to-Peer file sharing network with several users from all around the world. (for PC Gnutella clients check this site).

Symella supports multi-threaded downloads...

website (external link)

last update: 29.11.2006

Dictionary v2.0
Websters English Dictionary.
Built-in indexes find words in a fraction of a second.
- Includes parts of speech (noun, verb etc).
- Uses 6Mb disk space for the program and data.

website (external link)

last update: 20.11.2006

TaskSpy vBeta
TaskSpy is a task manager for Symbian OS devices. It allows you to get more control and information over running tasks on your mobile phone. You can quickly switch tasks, kill processes and threads or free unused memory, as well as display...

website (external link)

last update: 21.10.2006

Bemused v1.73
Bemused is a system which allows you to control your music collection from your phone, using Bluetooth. It requires a PC with a Bluetooth adapter.

You can do the following with Bemused:
- Browse your music collection on your phone
- Play...

website (external link)

last update: 19.10.2006

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